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Kyna Webster

AfrikaBurn 2014

Dusty-soled, desert soul. And pomegranates.

your photography is so incredibly beautiful. you capture moments in an inimitable way, and your photographs hold a bit of intimacy.

Thank you!

stellacarota asked:
Che belle foto :)

sono felice che ti piacciano!

La Ragazza del Sole
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ay man , I love your work ,adore it to be honest. I was also wondering if you'd give me a permit(license) or would you like to sell me this image for clothing use . Spazzkid-At fault image

Hey. I can’t actually view the image. Which one are you speaking of exactly?

Flightless water dragons.


Rico Quintas

where are you from? Cape Town. A beautiful coastal city in South Africa.

where are you right now? Drinking rooibos, watching the rain from my bedroom window.

where do you want to be? Wherever I am.



Tasia Coccioni in ‘Auriferous Solitude’.
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Canvas  by  andbamnan