1. avoontoast-deactivated20140715 said: your photography is so incredibly beautiful. you capture moments in an inimitable way, and your photographs hold a bit of intimacy.

    Thank you!


  2. stellacarota said: Che belle foto :)

    sono felice che ti piacciano!

  3. La Ragazza del Sole

    (Source: Flickr / lyes24)

  4. Beatrice Gilbo


    April 2014

    (Source: Flickr / lyes24)


  5. dontruinmyerection said: ay man , I love your work ,adore it to be honest. I was also wondering if you'd give me a permit(license) or would you like to sell me this image for clothing use . Spazzkid-At fault image

    Hey. I can’t actually view the image. Which one are you speaking of exactly?

  7. Flightless water dragons.

    (Source: putridpomegranatepaste)

  8. Tavia Viglietti's desk is alive.

  9. pudgemag:

    Rico Quintas

    where are you from? Cape Town. A beautiful coastal city in South Africa.

    where are you right now? Drinking rooibos, watching the rain from my bedroom window.

    where do you want to be? Wherever I am.



  10. Tasia Coccioni in ‘Auriferous Solitude’.

  11. Tasia Coccioni in Auriferous Solitude.

  12. from the series Auriferous Solitude.

  13. from the series Auriferous Solitude.

  14. Tasia Coccioni in Auriferous Solitude.


  15. filmphotogabphy said: thanks for following! awesome blog man! more power for film hehe